VSWD-111 Amber LED Compact Mini Light Bar Clear Dome

  • $99.00

The VSWD-111 series minibar is your best value on today's market. It combines low-profile, sleek modern design and competitive market pricing without sacrificing excellent light output. It features maximum output for brightness using parabolic reflector technology - the same reflector technology that costs you 3 times more elsewhere!

This impressive quality light has the brightness you need to keep you safe on the road, and a modern, discreet design for a professional look. 

Suitable for multiple on road applications including Municipal, Snow Plow, Construction, Landscape, Electrical, Oil & Gas Utility Vehicles, or any industry that requires a bright amber warning signal.

Available in 3 styles for mounting: 

VSWD-111-1B-A: 1-bolt mounting simplifies installation - find center - drill one hole for wires and mounting bolt - install. Includes cab switch with on/off and pattern select.

VSWD-111M-A: magnetic mount comes with on/off/pattern switch cord & rubber magnet covers.

- Dimensions: 11.25" (280mm) x 6.5" (165mm) x 2" (53mm).   
- Approval: ECE R10 (RFI) & R65 (Brightness) / SAE. 
- Voltage: 12v/24v.
- IP Rating: IP65.
- Warranty: 2 Year Warranty.
- Output: 72 SMD LED's parabolic reflector technology.
- Patterns: 8 Flash Patterns Including Rotating Pattern.